2018 CT Scanned Vintage Replica Mouthpieces—-Is it really finally going to happen???

I’ve been asked to put out vintage copy pieces for years because of my collection and experience with these pieces for over three decades. I’ve stayed away from it because my heart is really into making original design mouthpieces with my 10MFAN saxophone mouthpiece line.

Not long ago, I was approached by Eric Falcon to be a part of his first Falcon Woodwinds project making the first full line of CT Scanned vintage mouthpieces.  This made a lot of sense to me and the thought of doing it right for the saxophone community, excited me.

In terms of making vintage copy mouthpieces, I don’t mind the idea of vintage copies for players to enjoy, because the originals can be so costly, and frankly many don’t play so well.  As I have always said, “If you’re going to do it, you gotta do it right”.   I’ve tried out tons of the “copies” on the market, and one of the huge problems is that so many makers out there are making these pieces with adjustments and still calling them “copies” of a certain vintage mouthpiece model.  It’s not a “copy” if you are changing the design. If you are using a casting process, there is always shrinkage, so you can’t say that’s a “copy”  if you use that process either. Many of these “copy” pieces also have raised floors or raised and lengthened baffles, adjusted sidewalls, etc, etc…so they are not truly “copies”. I always check to see how things are moving along on that side of the marketplace and much of the time I just feel players are getting clobbered by false advertising.  They are getting clobbered by being told they are getting “copy” pieces of certain models without knowing of the changes that have been made to them from the originals.

I will say in fairness, that many of those mouthpieces can still play well as is with their adjustments, but using the word “copy” or “replica” when you’re not being forthright,  is just not appropriate at all.  I have no issue with someone saying they made a mouthpiece that was ” inspired by” a certain vintage mouthpiece, and say that they made adjustments to it to make it play even better in their opinion, for themselves. That stuff is honest and I have no issues with that at all. So what do I do about it? Keep turning the other cheek while I make great original designs, or help try to set things straight in the marketplace for players who dig the vintage pieces too?

 So after years of being frustrated seeing what’s in the marketplace in terms of vintage “copies”,  I am thrilled to have been asked to be a part of a large project to let players see how it’s done right. This way I can help players on both sides looking for killer original design (my 10MFAN mouthpieces), and smokin’ vintage replica mouthpieces! 

Eric and Doug Webb  feel the same way, and after much discussion, I was approached by them to be a part of this very special project. So happy about this!

We are finally going to set things straight by entering that marketplace, and really do it the right way for our fellow sax players!

We will provide the 1st full line of CT scanned replica mouthpieces from the finest hand selected examples of the different vintage mouthpiece models. These will be made without adding to the baffles, chambers, floors, throats, sidewalls, etc. This is very important to us to show players what the finest examples were intended to play like.

This is an incredibly expensive endeavor, but the results are incredibly accurate! I am at peace to finally be able to announce that I will be part of a very large project that will truly introduce something remarkably special and long overdue, in a full line of world-class vintage CT scanned vintage mouthpiece replicas.

Again, if you’re going to do it, do it right!

No raised baffles , no raised floors, no design changes to the sidewalls,  or  the throat squeezes or the beaks, etc… No extra long facing curves to free anything up, or anything like that. Just the real deal to offer players today a chance to step into yesteryear and see what the best vintage pieces were all about. The proper facing curves for the different models, and no added anything to juice things up!  The names on the mouthpieces will be changed. This way, players who want a real taste of what the finest vintage mouthpieces played like, will have the opportunity to play on truly phenomenal CT scanned replica mouthpieces of the finest vintage pieces ever put out. These will be priced at a price thats far less than the vintage pieces go for, and every mouthpiece will play absolutely stellar—unlike loads of the vintage pieces and their “copies” that are in the marketplace now.  Stay tuned for that.  Between the 3 of us,  we have literally over 2, 000 vintage mouthpieces to choose from.  I will be consulting, marketing,  helping with shipping, customer service, etc., and Eric Falcon will do all the hand finishing to ensure everything is done just right. Players can play these as is, or bring them to their favorite refacer and have them adjusted to what they want. Our goal is to make them as they were intended. We are not trying to make a different vintage piece thats brighter or darker than the stellar piece we will copy for each model. We want to offer “stellar”, just the way it is. We will be offering players a real taste of what the finest examples of these were designed to be. The first model will be finished in the next month or so.

This is a wonderful full circle moment for me, because I sold vintage pieces full time at such a high level for over three decades and I put those aside when I came out with my own original design 10MFAN saxophone mouthpiece line.  For me, it was either one way (original designs), or the other (vintage designs). Now I can be part of offering players the best of both worlds!  I wasn’t going to do anything with vintage mouthpieces unless it was done right, and this moment and idea was presented to me at the right time with the right group of friends. We will make tons of players incredibly happy because of the primo model pieces we are using to be CT scanned and because of the process. I call it unadulterated perfection.

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