Black Widow




Black Widow: Powerful “cross-over” moderate height baffle mouthpiece with huge depth and a vibrant core sound.

So many players love the Merlot model because it is warm and open blowing. It has the lowest baffle height of any of my pieces and gets a huge warm and open sound. Others who want more punch and bite than that, will love The Robusto model. The Robusto is a killer all-around player, but definitely leans more for the jazz player who wants some extra fatness and punch. It wasn’t designed to be a “pop” piece, but it has plenty of power to be used in a huge variety of settings. It has a longer, moderate baffle height and is incredibly well balanced. Others who seek much more power and available brights for more pop, funk, R&B, etc…have enjoyed my high baffle Boss model.


Well, many have asked me to make another powerful piece option with a less high, more moderate height baffle than the Boss has, that could “cross over”r both the all-around and powerful piece categories VERY well.
A piece the jazz guys could use more easily than The Boss, and a piece that the powerful playing guys will love too. Thats what THE BLACK WIDOW does.
The pop guys love the Boss with the high baffle, but those pieces are not for everybody….jazz guys can have a harder time with higher baffle pieces when coming from a lower or moderate height baffle piece. I understand that, and that describes the tons of requests I have had for this new design.
It has become clear that many players want a “cross-over” category piece that is different from the other models. Something easily used for jazz stuff AND for guys playing commercial pop, blues, smooth jazz, rock, and funk type of stuff too.

The BLACK WIDOW will be loved by jazz players looking for a powerful piece that can be used for straight ahead stuff+++, and also the more commercial players looking for another design option for a powerful piece with a longer and more moderate baffle height design than The BOSS HR. The baffle goes to the chamber and makes this piece incredibly versatile.
This describes this new piece perfectly.


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