I have designed what I believe to be the most comfortable beak designs of any saxophone mouthpieces ever made. That is for both my full-sized hard rubber and metal tenor mouthpieces. We experimented with beak angles of varying degrees (between 16 and 21 degrees), different widths, and overall shapes. The beaks are super comfortable for me whether I take in a little mouthpiece, a medium amount of mouthpiece, or a lot of mouthpiece. My upper lip does not get crushed against the beak curve when I take in a lot of mouthpiece. The sides of my beaks are wider and rounder for comfort, and the beak is long and VERY comfortable. The hard rubber beaks had a very unique light vertical machine line design on top of them from the beginning, but we will switch over to full smooth and polished beaks starting late April 2017. Great detail has gone into making these beaks just right.


All of the tables are longer than the reed on my 10MFANTM mouthpieces. This was done so that you can easily line a reed up and see that it’s perfectly aligned top to bottom and side to side. Also, the ENTIRE reed can vibrate on the table and be held down by the ligature. Dexter Gordon used to keep the ligature far back. I bet he would have loved to have tried my mouthpieces with the ligature  all the way on the butt end of the reed. The tables on my mouthpieces are the perfect width, flat, and very reed friendly. Great detail has gone into these pieces to make sure that the tables match the reed contour precisely.
Please make sure when you put your reed on, that the tip of the reed matches up with the tip rail of your mouthpiece, and that the bottom of the reed is perfectly centered on the table.
The longer tables show alot of care and thought because it makes perfect sense. The table is where the whole reed lies—- If you’re a 6 foot tall person, would sleeping on a 4 foot long bed be optimal for you??? WE DO NOT BUFF THE TABLE, RAILS, OR INSIDE OF THE MOUTHPIECE BECAUSE ONCE THEY ARE HAND-FINISHED, THEY ARE PERFECT— WE LEAVE THEM THAT WAY. You will see the hand-finishing marks on purpose. Our primary concern is that the table is perfectly flat, not that its shiny and glowing after a buffing. NEVER ever hit the table with a buffing wheel….that’s just a good recipe for disaster 🙂


I have heard the numerous complaints about many modern hard rubber tenor mouthpieces having ligature issues. People are complaining that many modern mouthpieces are a little too small to fit regular tenor ligatures properly— so a lot of people have had to resort to buying expensive modern ligatures to accommodate this.
All of my mouthpieces are made from scratch, so I’ve made sure that the bodies and tapers are just right to fit an abundance of ordinary ligatures. My mouthpieces are precision machined for accuracy and designed to be VERY ligature friendly. I am not including a ligature with my mouthpieces because I feel strongly that players have ligatures they prefer to use, and I don’t want you to judge my mouthpieces with any ligature I could include. For me, ligatures make a big difference, so use what you find works best for your needs- so be sure to try different ligs so you can get the perfect set-up for yourself. Many modern ligs fit my mpc’s well, but just a heads up—the Vandoren Optimum ligs are the worst on my mouthpieces. Please don’t use that ligature.
***Ligatures for my 10mfan hard rubber tenor mouthpieces: Almost any full sized hr tenor big will fit beautifully. Any of the 2-screw ligs, Rico H, Vandoren M/O, BG, Rovner Platinum, Francois Louis, Ishimori ligs that fit Selmer, Absolute lig from Italy, Oleg ligs, Marc Jean 700, and many many many more.
*** Ligatures from my 10mfan METAL tenor mouthpieces: *** Many are enjoying the Rovner Star series 3ML-NY, Selmer modern metal M404, Ishimori (Otto Link M size), Silverstein, Marc Jean 895R, Oleg, Saxxas, Rovner Legacy, Vandoren string lig for soprano. Ive also been told that the Otto Link NY ligs work great, as do the Saxophone Boutique, and many others.


Eric Falcon and I have addressed facing curves aggressively. We tried everything from super short lengths to super long lengths and various curve rates. We are using Eric Falcons set of facing curves that provide more minute control over the curve rate. We use MANY more measurement points than a standard 5 point system. I am looking for great accuracy among all my mouthpieces. These mouthpieces are INCREDIBLY efficient!


The tip rails are very finely handcrafted for accuracy of articulation and attack. These are all thin and accurate. I want fast and clean response from my mouthpieces.
Please make sure you ALWAYS line the top of the reed up to the very tip of the mouthpiece.


The height of the front rail has been perfectly calibrated for precise attacks.


I tried medium, medium-large, and large chambers when prototyping my hard rubber tenor mouthpieces. I bought a large supply of hard rubber so I could try everything with my mouthpieces till I got it right. Chambers are of the greatest importance. All of my 10MFANTM  tenor mouthpieces have a medium-large chamber. Some people don’t want a chamber so large that the sound doesn’t center, and others don’t want a chamber too small that they can’t manipulate the timbre. The classic medium large chamber has proven itself to be the perfect size for my hard rubber tenor mouthpieces. All 3 chamber and baffle configurations are different on my 3 models to provide you with the desired goal with each mouthpiece model.


The wonderful thing about these mouthpieces is that they are amazingly consistent from one piece to the next. Eric and I both play test extensively EVERY single mouthpiece I sell, so I know for a fact, that they will be perfect when bought. I’ve laid out a table full of 7*’s, and I can’t notice any discernible difference in sound or feel between any of them. Eric Falcon has done a magnificent job at making every piece ridiculously consistent from one to the next. This is great news if a friend of yours tries your 7* and wants one for themselves —- they can have the confidence that when they receive their 7*, it will play just like yours. It’s also great news and truly a relief to know that if you drop or lose your mouthpiece and wonder if you’ll ever get another one as good as that one—-the answer is YES YOU WILL! These mouthpieces are designed on the computer, cut by CNC machine, and precision machined for complete accuracy.


All of my 10MFANTM tenor mouthpieces have flat baffles. Flat baffles don’t mean high baffles. Flat baffles just mean that the baffles are flat and you can see the entire baffle including the bottom edge, instead of hiding that line into the floor. After making and play testing what seems like an endless amount of my prototypes with endless baffle configurations, I’ve determined the best response and control for me comes from a flat baffle. There is no impedance to overcome like you would in a roll-over baffle. My 3 different models have different height and length baffles which provides a high degree of control and accuracy. The length and angle of the baffle provides different sonic character that will suit an individual players’ style or preference. We believe that leaving texture on the baffle is more desirable than polishing it because of the way the air interacts with the textured surface. You can see the hand finishing marks there for a reason. The textures of the baffles have been optimized to enhance the intended performance of the mouthpieces. We will also not buff or polish the table side of the mouthpiece, because after they are each hand-finished, we leave them that way. No reason to mess with perfection. You can still see the hand finishing marks there.
All the important details have been addressed thoroughly. Nothing has been left out in terms of making these mouthpieces play fantastic.


Pay attention please——Its very basic and simple stuff. Every player should get the reed size that fits their mouthpiece best for themselves, and then choose the reed brand which allows them the color and response they seek. This is with any mouthpiece.
I seem to be the only mouthpiece guy talking about the importance of reeds, and how they can color your sound and effect the response of the mouthpiece dramatically. Color your sound warmer or brighter with the correct reed choices for yourself. My mouthpiece designs are so unique, that reed selection allows you the opportunity to completely customize the sound color you desire from my mouthpieces! Please read on about this….it’s crucial for you to understand reeds better in order to get the most out of your mouthpiece. Reed choice makes all the difference with my mouthpieces. Picking out a reed is much more than just getting the correct size for yourself.
Pick the right reed brands that give you the response and color you want from your mouthpiece. You can totally customize your sound to YOUR particular needs with the proper reed choices. Many players are joyfully finding with my 10mfan mouthpieces, that they can go up in reed size without it being harder to play. This isn’t true for all players, but please be open to finding the right size for yourself, even if you always use a certain size reed with a certain mouthpiece tip opening. My mouthpiece facings are so incredibly efficient and you will see what I mean when you try one.

We don’t need 20 mouthpieces by one mouthpiece maker to cover 20 different shades of darker and brighter. I also feel strongly that people need to stop running to their mouthpiece refacer when they want their sound slightly darker/brighter.
What would be best, is for players need to learn how to use reeds to their advantage.
There is nothing more important for a great sound, than the right reed. It all starts with a great reed. Put a bad reed on a great mouthpiece with a great neck, on a great horn—-and your sound will sound bad. THE REED IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR TO GETTING A GREAT SOUND. That means finding the right cut, brand, and size reed to give you the right response/feel, and desired color palette you desire. Don’t be against trying certain brands and cuts of reeds on my mouthpieces even if you have hated them on other mouthpieces. That is a huge mistake.
Be open minded please. Countless players are finding that certain brands they never liked before, sound GREAT on my mouthpieces. If you play on a slant Sig 7* with a 3 reed, you will most likely love my Merlot or Robusto models in a 7* with a 3 1/2 reed—and it won’t feel like you’re playing a harder reed.

Vintage mouthpieces and many other modern mouthpieces I’ve played don’t offer much of a variety in tonal colors even with reed changes, so I wanted to make sure that mine did. You need to be aware of this and have fun “fine-tuning” what you want to get from my mouthpieces. This is a new concept, and I have discovered many people don’t know what to do with it. Let me explain….
Reed choice and ligature choice can really take care of brighter/darker variances on my mouthpieces to a FAR greater extent than many people realize. Try different strengths of reeds, different brands and cuts, and try different ligatures. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to alter your sound brighter/darker by a very large degree, based on reeds and ligatures alone. My facings are so efficient, that even if you play a 2 1/2 reed on your 8 tip rubber mouthpiece, you may find that a 3 reed works fantastic on mine. (You may enjoy a 2 1/2 still—but you need to be open to all the sizes, cuts, and brands out there). With all the reed companies out there, it’s like a great big buffet—so go have some fun with reeds again! Reeds serve a far great importance now than just finding the correct size for your mouthpiece!!! They will “COLOR” your sound differently too. If you play Rico Jazz Select reeds (as a reference) and love my first piece which is my warm, full sounding piece with alot of power called the “MERLOT”, and want it even warmer or darker for yourself—try it with La Voz, Vandoren blue box, javas, Alexander, or Hemke reeds. If you love the mouthpiece but want it brighter than it is with your Rico reed, than try Rigotti, Marca, Vandoren V16, ZZ’s, Gonzalez, Queen, or my favorite—Legere Signature cut synthetic reeds, and you will hear the differences RIGHT AWAY. I personally love the Legere synthetic reeds and I use those on tenor and alto with GREAT joy. They are the BEST synthetic reed out there, in my opinion. There are alot of excellent cane reeds out there too.


It’s all about fine tuning to get what you want and deserve from your sound.

What I recommend is:

1. Find the perfect size reed for yourself.

2. Go to the reed comparison charts on the internet and see which other brands are perfectly matched for your size preference.

3. Try out different reed brands to give you the brightness or warmth, and response that you want.
Contact me and I can help you with this. Just tell me what you’ve tried for reeds on the mouthpiece and if you are looking for warmer or brighter than that reed gives you. I am here to help, and happy to do it. It’s easy for me to help you zone in on what you are looking for as I am very familiar with which reeds are warmer, more neutral, or brighter.

So many reed choices to help you get the color and response you desire from your mouthpieces.
Don’t look at reeds as being a nuisance—look at it the opposite way, and realize that reeds are there to help you color your sound YOUR WAY. Lots of choices so you need to find what works best for you and your individual needs. You need to experiment with different cuts to see what best fits your mouthpiece and sound concept for you.  YOU JUST NEED TO EXPERIMENT AND FIND WHAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU. Many experienced players can change a lot of the brightness/darkness thing by altering the way they blow their airstream, but simply getting to know reeds will make a HUGE difference for you and offer you far more opportunities with sound colors.
I offer 3 hard rubber tenor mouthpieces that do an amazing job covering what I think ANY player could ever need in any playing situation.


My mouthpieces are available in the most widely used tip openings, because players want and NEED a choice. I don’t make one size tip opening so that you are forced to play that size even if it doesn’t fit you. I make a nice variety of tip sizes available for players so you can play the correct size for YOU, not what’s easiest or most profitable for the mouthpiece maker.

I offer these models in all of these sizes:
Black Widow——–6*-11
The Boss———–7*-11

My tip sizes are standard measurements so there isn’t any confusion:

6* = .095
7 = .100
7* = .105
8 = .110
8* = .115
9 = .120
9* = .125
10 = .130
10* = .135


A humble and honest approach to selling mouthpieces.
I do not want or need to have “endorsers” for my 10MFANTM mouthpieces like you see on other saxophone mouthpiece websites. I can’t begin to tell you how many of those “endorsers” don’t even play or like the mouthpieces they “endorse”. Many are just given free mouthpieces and others are paid to use the mouthpieces. Don’t buy mouthpieces because your favorite player has his name associated with a certain mouthpiece. You’ll see players hopping around from brand to brand for many reasons…you dig what I’m saying?
Many of the heavyweights have their mouthpieces refaced and tweaked over and over and over again, to get it to be just what they want, and many are being PAID to play certain mouthpieces. Just because their name is on a mouthpiece doesn’t mean it’s going to be what YOU want from a mouthpiece. The heavyweights who play my mouthpieces are playing the EXACT stock mouthpieces that everyone is buying, and loving them as-is without visit after visit for special adjustments. It’s all in the designs. A super heavyweight who will stay unnamed here loves my mouthpieces, and I told him I would NEVER pay him to have his name on my mouthpieces. He asked, “Why not?”. I answered, “Because you already LOVE the mouthpieces and WANT to play on them….so why would I need to pay you to do so?” He laughed and said that was refreshing, and it brought him back to what was really important…..IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SOUND!
I personally despise BS marketing. Pro’s and players of all levels will play my 10MFANTM mouthpieces because they WANT TO, because it gives them the best sound for themselves……just like YOU. That’s all that matters. Seeing these heavyweights out there in the real world using my mouthpieces because they want to—-is the most HONEST endorsement a mouthpiece maker can have. My website has audios and videos of players playing my 10MFANTM mouthpieces so you can hear for yourselves how these many players sound and hear how flexible they are from one player to another. Players don’t sound the same on my mouthpieces because of the fantastic designs, and I am incredibly proud of this! These videos and audios are solely to EDUCATE you and help you with your mouthpiece choice. I want you to buy my mouthpieces because they will play as great for YOU as they do for the guys in my audios/videos. These are great players who will show you the flexibility in sound within each of my 3 mouthpiece models. You will hear the rich, complex core sound and flexibility in each piece in the videos/audios. For me personally, I find it incredibly disingenuous to have a panel of players who are listed as “endorsers” if they don’t even record, gig, or play on the mouthpieces at all—so I won’t do that. Do you really need “so-and-so” famous player to have a little caption under his bio, telling you these are the greatest mouthpieces ever, and then you see him “endorsing” some other guys pieces in 8 months. ANSWER: NO!

I’m not including any bios or faces on my website to over-hype my products. The players sounds in the audios and videos will tell you what you need to know!!! Seeing all the real-world players USING these in the real world, is what backs up what these mouthpieces are all about.

Several heavyweight pros have already thanked me for this, and have expressed to me that this is an EXTREMELY refreshing approach for them. Watch the videos and listen to the audios, and then decide what piece/pieces you want for yourself. I’m taking an “old school” approach here by letting my MOUTHPIECES do ALL the talking. Check out the video and audios section—new ones will be added all the time.


I personally haven’t been able put down my 10MFANTM mouthpieces because they are just so much fun for me to play. All 3 are voiced just right, and they have met all my goals in each of the 3 categories. They just get better and better for me as a player, as time goes on. They are incredibly reed friendly, and just a joy for me to play. The altissimo are as easy as can be and they sound like a true extension of the saxophone…not thin and edgy!. When mouthpieces are designed this well, the “fun factor” is alive and vibrant. These simply make me happy when I play them. I am practicing much more these days, since I made these mouthpieces. I can’t help you play Cherokee at 300 BPM in all 12 keys, but I CAN make sure that the frustration you will endure WILL NOT come from your mouthpiece.


I am having Eric Falcon make me mouthpieces on a weekly basis so you won’t have to worry about waiting long for your 10MFANTM mouthpieces when you order them. tHE WAIT TIME VARIES OF COURSE DEPENDING ON THE ORDERS, but I would say it takes about 4 weeks for my hand finished hard rubber and metal mouthpieces to be completed from the time you order them, and then I will send the mouthpiece out to you. Please be understanding if that varies slightly…I will update you with the tracking number and I use USPS. USPS Priority mail in the U.S., and and USPS Express mail outside the U.S. ALL buyers outside the United States are responsible for any taxes or fees they get charged by their country.


Very favorably. I have tried my mouthpieces on various modern saxophones, as well as vintage Selmer, King, Buescher, Conn, SML, Couf, and Martin saxophones. They don’t have any issues matching up well with any of these horns. I have a client who bought a Merlot and it was too dark on his vintage The Martin tenor, so he bought a Robusto and loves it on that! He now uses the Merlot on his modern horn and loves that combo—it’s all about fine tuning what YOU want as a player.


I had envisioned my metal mouthpieces with funky O-RINGS on the shank. They are completely removable if you prefer the look without them. They just roll onto the grooves of the shank, and roll off easily if you prefer the look without them. I personally like the look a lot, but do whatever YOU like best! They do NOT affect the sound in any way—they are just cosmetic. 🙂


Due to the large volume of orders, we do not take ANY returns or give refunds on any of my mouthpieces, and this is explained below.
I want everyone who orders my 10MFANTM mouthpieces to know that they are getting BRAND NEW mouthpieces handcrafted from 100% pure hard rubber bar stock or metal, expertly hand finished, and made at the absolute highest quality. I don’t accept ANY returns because I would literally need 1000 mpc’s here to send out to everyone who wants to try these out, who has a credit card. If I did, I would get mpcs returned that would have ligature scratches or other issues, and would then not be able to sell them as new. Instead of offering a return with a high restocking fee as some others do, I have decided, like many other dealers out there, that its best to sell them as is at the fantastic price I offer them at, and if the buyer doesn’t love the piece, they can sell them for typically more than they would have lost with a returned high restocking fee. For me, it’s an easier and cleaner way to do business as everything is cut and dry, clear and simple. I have weighed the option of a high restocking fee against accepting no returns, and the no return policy makes more sense for me. I see that Klum, Macsax, Navarro and others do it this way for good reason. I sincerely hope you all understand that.


All mouthpieces must be inspected within 24 hours of receiving them. If there are any issues, we require that we are notified within 24 hours. In over 4 years of selling these mouthpieces, we have had NO returns from dealers. We take IMMENSE pride in sending out impeccably made mouthpieces that play great and look great. In any case where someone has altered the original product it would void of ANY consideration for a return.


For me, my mouthpieces are the absolute best playing hard rubber and metal tenor mouthpieces available in each of the 3 categories I have set up……I SAY THIS WITH THE UTMOST PRIDE. I wouldn’t be releasing them if  I felt any different. The beauty about all of our journeys is that they are truly our own. There are other mouthpieces available in the marketplace that play well, and if you personally enjoy someone else’s pieces, then you should be playing those. We are all different and we like different sounds and feels. You need to find what works “best” for you. THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS. If you want to try ORIGINAL designs that truly nail my 3 categories, then give mine a try.

For me, my personal journey for finding the best hard rubber tenor mouthpieces for myself became very frustrating because nothing in the marketplace was truly 100% satisfying for me, and no perfectly refaced or original vintage mouthpiece accommodated ALL my needs because of the same old design limitations. So I designed and made what I consider to be the best playing hard rubber tenor mouthpieces made in each of my 3 categories, to finally end my personal search. A incredible amount of time went into designs and prototyping until I was 100% satisfied.


When you feel the need to clean your mouthpiece, a little cool or slightly warm water with a non abrasive soap will be fine.

Having sold mouthpieces for 30+ years, I have NEVER seen the buzz that is going around the saxophone community like I have for my 10MFANTM mouthpieces. The marketplace is INCREDIBLY energized by my mouthpieces AND my prices.
I am honored that I have been able to help so many players find their sound.

Enjoy and have fun!!!