10MFAN Category 3 tenor “Super Widow” powerhouse mouthpiece coming late August 2018

For my 3rd category powerhouse hard rubber tenor mouthpiece lovers, I will have a new 2nd option for you, late August!

The 3rd Category Black Widow mouthpiece has been a super hit so far.
A comfortable medium height long baffle piece for the jazz player to use and get more punch and brights with, without it being a high baffle piece.
A beautiful “cross-over” piece for the jazz guys to get into more punchy and powerful stuff, but with a more classic feel in the mouth, and an easy accommodating resistance feel. (Not Guardala-like in the blow).

I have been asked to make another 3rd category piece to compliment the BW, aimed at the pop guys who want way more brights, a faster response, a smaller chamber feel, and a lower beak than the BW. Now my 3rd category will have 2 options to truly accommodate both the jazz players and the more pop, brighter players.

The 10MFAN “Super Widow”:
The SW offers contemporary players a very comfortable and colorful choice with more focus and more punch and brightness.
The lower beak, flatter and higher baffle will offer metal players who want an option in hard rubber, (who typically play a thinner profile piece), a more traditional feel while being much more comfortable than those “too narrow for me pieces”, in my opinion.
It will offer the hard rubber players a familiar hard rubber feel with enhanced resonance and a very free blowing experience.


Available late August, 2018

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