Pre-orders for the long awaited 10MFAN 2nd Category tenor mpc “Showtime” is starting May 25th

Finally, the second category tenor mouthpiece that will complement the Robusto is finally ready. I will be accepting orders starting May 25th.

This is my focussed all-around tenor mouthpiece that has warmth, punch, power, and brights when pushed. It can do it all!

This is a powerhouse beast for the straight ahead mouthpiece guy, with a beautiful freedom in the blow and its got tons of power!

To pre-order: you will just need to contact me at my email address:



Each of my 3 tenor categories have been set up with great care and thought.

I break up mouthpiece searches into 3 simple categories and each tenor category has 2 choices for players. One is a spread sounding choice, and the other is a focussed choice. This way, the player can pick the category mouthpiece they feel they need for themselves, and they can dial it in even more by being able to choose a more spread or focussed choice in that category.

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This new Category 2 Showtime mouthpiece will compliment the incredibly successful Robusto model. It will be more focussed and have tons of power to be used from anything from mellow jazz to powerful R&B! Eric Falcon, who hand finishes all of my mouthpieces, told me he is blown away with this new model and asked me to get him one so he could use it for himself. He said he needs to take this out on the gigs! He said he likes it even more than the Robusto, and it offers a bit more power, and a more focussed sound.

Simply put, an amazing all-around hard rubber mouthpiece that can do everything, and do it well.

To get on the pre-order list, email me at::

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