10MFAN MOUTHPIECES huge 6th Anniversary “THANK YOU” sale! July 1st-July 31st

For the entire month of July, I am offering all of my new GENERATION ll 10MFAN mouthpieces for my special ANNIVERSARY sale price. 

*** The sale starts everywhere the internet on July 1st. ***
Get your orders in early, as I plan on moving well over 100 pieces for this sale, so things will get very busy. The ANNIVERSARY sale starts in 6 days so please don’t ask for a refund if you bought a piece recently. The sale has to begin sometime and today I’m giving everyone the heads up today about the upcoming sale. Thank you for your understanding.

Its hard to believe that I started this Company 6 years ago, and amazing to see the success these mouthpieces have had worldwide for 6 years. Business continues to grow and just get better and better. I am so incredibly grateful for that!

You can order any of my hard rubber alto or tenor mouthpieces, and the special sale price is only $350 each.

I use USPS priority mail for all of my shipping needs. The sale has to begin sometime, and that is July 1st. If you have bought a piece recently, I thank you for your understanding.

These are made from the finest German bar stock hard rubber, and they are hand finished one at a time by my NEW mouthpiece craftsman, who is absolutely world-class. These are all original designs, so if you’re tired of getting the same vintage copy pieces from every mouthpiece maker out there, come and see what my ORIGINAL designs are all about. 

Some key changes we’ve made to my mouthpieces:
* We are no longer making the side rails or tip rails super thin like they were, because that can cause a little extra buzziness to the tone. We are going for amore pure and cleaner sounding tone with all the models. You can use certain reed brands s to get more buzz if you’d like.
* My new craftsman is doing extensive hand work to make sure the pieces play at their optimum level. Extra work done at the corners, tip, and undercutting the ramp under the windows, etc…to make these blow their absolute best!
* The facing curves were too long for some players before, so we have adjusted that so that every piece has a more traditional curve, allowing all players to be able to enjoy these pieces more than ever before! Of course the large tip sizes will have longer curves that are appropriate.

The newly updated pieces are absolutely incredible. STELLAR. I have listened to all the great feedback, and that has truly paid off. I sincerely thank you all for that. 

I have a bunch of Robusto, Classic, and Showtime model pieces in stock in preparation for this sale, and many of the other models are being made as we speak. 

Thank you all for the great support and phenomenal feedback!! If you have any questions, feel feel to contact me at: connsaxman@comcast.net 

Thank you all so much. All the best, Mark


  1. Go to the shop and pick the mouthpiece you want to purchase.
  2. Pick the model and tip opening size.
  3. Go to your cart and proceed to check out.
  4. Put in the coupon code for either the alto or the tenor mouthpiece that you want to purchase.
  5. The coupon code for the alto is: 6alto
  6. The coupon code for the tenor is: 6tenor