For me, I am making the finest mouthpieces made in each of the categories I have them set-up in.
I have taken the most expensive route in making my Original design mouthpieces. Pure 100% hard rubber bar stock direct from Germany, carved out by CNC machine, then hand finished by Eric Falcon. I am using the most costly production method and one of the absolute best refacers and mouthpiece makers in the entire world to help create my mouthpieces.

An enormous amount of computer time and a very hands on approach, with incredible attention to detail, has gone into these mouthpieces! Far more than you could possibly realize.
My metal mouthpieces are made from brass, CNC’d and hand finished one at a time, so they are also incredibly accurate from one mouthpiece to the next, just like with my hard rubber mouthpieces. The finishing work is beautiful. The enormous amount of time it took to design these mouthpieces, and to make these mouthpieces is why my mouthpieces play so well and look wonderful.

I am keeping the prices at certain price level (FAR lower than they should be), so that players can afford a world-class mouthpiece without having to sell everything they own! It’s my turn to give back by offering to you superb mouthpieces at a very reasonable price, based on what I am providing to you.
These are mouthpieces that will last you a lifetime. The reality is that I would rather sell more mouthpieces at a great price, so more of you can FINALLY get off the mouthpiece merry-go-round!

I have heard your complaints about high priced vintage and overpriced modern copycat mouthpieces for years, so I am so thrilled to be doing something new and refreshing for you with my own line of 10MFAN mouthpieces.

Starting June 2018, my pricing will be:







Once your mouthpiece order is ready to ship, I will provide you with the tracking number. We are working extremely hard to always be around a 2 week wait period for the HR mouthpieces to be made, and then they’ll be sent out. Metals will take longer because we need to send them out for plating.

ALL buyers outside the United States are responsible for any taxes or fees they get charged by their country.


Photo Credit: Andrea Bonetti http://.andreabonetti.com

Photo Credit: Andrea Bonetti http://andreabonetti.com