10MFAN NEW orange ULTEM mouthpieces—- $299 through December!

The year of giving back, continues. I am offering all of my Generation ll designs for alto and tenor in limited quantities in this Ultem material. It is a super strong semi transparent orange plastic that sounds absolutely fantastic. SOUNDS AND FEELS AS GOOD TO ME AS THE HARD RUBBER. I really could not be happier with how my mouthpieces sound in this material and I am happy to offer them at this low price in limited quantities. My new craftsman is doing all of these along with all of my hard rubber pieces. All of my new Generation ll pieces are expertly hand finished, and they have the USA engraved on the side.

I will not be offering them as an option that can be ordered directly through my website. *** Just email me and let me know which model and size you are interested in. I have been ordering nonstop, so just let me know. I will keep a list of what players want and let you know when I am planning on making the model in the size you want. I will keep the list, and update everyone when we are ready to proceed. In the meantime, I am having pieces made all the time. ***

With the Ultem, you will notice some of the machine tooling marks. Because the material is transparent, this can’t be hidden. We need to hold these tightly in the fixture when they are being cut. The tables are 100% flat so I don’t want you to be concerned if you see any markings. Because this material is semi transparent, it’s part of the nature of this that you might see some of the tooling marks on the inside. My craftsman also undercuts under the tables to make the pieces play even better so if you see the hand work there it’s because of the material. We do not hide any of the great handwork, because the handwork is done to make the pieces play their best. I’m just very picky and I know a lot of players get caught up with little visual things, so I want to make sure that people understand that you might see some of the tooling marks, and they affect NOTHING but your eyes. I just want to be upfront with that. I play test EVERY single mouthpiece, and they all play as exactly as designed…..STELLAR! ***


Just contact me directly at: connsaxman@comcast.net