10MFAN Mouthpieces: Innovation over imitation!

If you look out in the marketplace, all you see are loads and loads of copies of vintage mouthpieces. You see “replicas” and “tweaked” up versions of the same exact models of Otto Links, Meyers, Berg Larsens, Guardalas, Selmers, Dukoffs, and the list goes on and on. What an absolute shame for players today! The worst part is, you have all these companies copying the same models—- yet the prices can be astronomically apart. For what reason? Greed and someone trying to make you think their copies are infinitely better than everyone elses. What a disaster the mouthpiece market is.

I offer a heartfelt thank you to the big 6 original vintage mouthpiece makers, by NOT copying them!
I pay homage and will be forever grateful to the big 6 vintage mouthpiece makers who started it all and set the mark for mouthpiece making: Meyer Bros, Otto Link, Brilhart, Berg Larsen, Selmer, and Dukoff. These companies made original mouthpieces that sounded unique and offered players a great variety of different designs and sound choices to choose from.

These guys laid down the foundation for what makes a great saxophone mouthpiece, and I am forever grateful for their efforts. These designs are timeless but the demands on todays musicians welcome some new mouthpiece designs. It has been my vision to make original designs that sound and feel unique, embrace the past, and will accommodate todays players needs beyond the vintage mouthpieces.

Enter 10MFAN saxophone mouthpieces. Original designs that are new and timeless on their own merit. All of my mouthpieces are broken up into categories to make it easy for the player to choose what they want for themselves. I also offer tons of audios and videos from players of all levels, showing what each model is capable of. My website is set up like a blog with ton of useful information that is constantly being added to. When I started this company, I wanted to make better options in each of the categories, than the vintage pieces offered. Bigger sounds, fatter and richer cores, more volume available when needed, and better altissimo, etc.

My Classic model tenor mouthpiece was the highest ranked new mouthpiece in the recently published top gear list of 2018 from THESAXOPHONIST.ORG. This was for all the saxophone gear they reviewed for 2018. This is quite an honor. Its my warm category model mouthpiece that is round, even, lush, and offers so much more depending on reed choice, horn choice, player ability, etc… I personally use my Robusto and Showtime because they do what I need as a player, and all the choices are there for players so they can dial in what they want for themselves.

Come and read about what I offer, and more mouthpieces will be coming out in 2019. A new tenor and alto model Ive been working on, a couple soprano and bari mouthpieces, and perhaps a couple new metal mouthpieces for tenor!. I’ve been very busy here and I cannot wait to show you what I’ve been up to. 2019 is going to be a huge year for 10MFAN, so keep your eyes on my website. As the year comes to an end, I want to thank the thousands of players who have made the switch to 10MFAN mouthpieces over the last 6 years.