10MFAN MOUTHPIECES huge 6th Anniversary “THANK YOU” sale! July 1st-July 31st

For the entire month of July, I am offering all of my new GENERATION ll 10MFAN mouthpieces for my special ANNIVERSARY sale price.  *** The sale starts everywhere the internet on July 1st. ***Get your orders in early, as I plan on moving well over 100 pieces for this sale, so things will get very busy. The ANNIVERSARY sale starts in 6 days so please don’t ask for a refund if you bought a piece … [Read More...]

10MFAN Mouthpieces has a new craftsman at the helm…. Exciting new changes to my mouthpiece line!

Now is the time to announce that I am working with a new world-class craftsman with my 10MFAN hard rubber mouthpieces. This person is a true mouthpiece genius and has transformed my mouthpieces into works of perfection!  He is someone you all know and respect greatly, … [Read More...]

Jamie O’Donnell on his 10mfan Daddy-O alto 5 mouthpiece

Jamie is a wonderful player living in the UK, and he is absolutely loving this mouthpiece. He has been on a vintage Meyer alto mpc forever, and he tells me he is so excited about what my Daddy-O is allowing him to do. Vibrant sound, better altissimo, bigger body of sound, and all the volume you could ask for in an mpc. His mouthpiece is a 5 tip, which measures .072. Made of the finest german bar stock hard rubber, … [Read More...]

Robert Anchipolovsky ripping apart Cherokee on his 10MFAN Daddy-O alto mouthpiece

It gets no better than this. I am so thrilled my friend Robert is enjoying this mouthpiece so much. There are a lot more videos of him on the website showing how this great mouthpiece sounds. No microphone, no gimmicks. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRd0mFy1gQI … [Read More...]

10MFAN Mouthpieces: Innovation over imitation!

If you look out in the marketplace, all you see are loads and loads of copies of vintage mouthpieces. You see "replicas" and "tweaked" up versions of the same exact models of Otto Links, Meyers, Berg Larsens, Guardalas, Selmers, Dukoffs, and the list goes on and on. What an absolute shame for players today! The worst part is, you have all these companies copying the same models—- yet the prices can be astronomically … [Read More...]

The 10MFAN “Classic” mouthpiece has been ranked the best saxophone mouthpiece for all of 2018 by thesaxophonist.org on line saxophone gear review magazine!

The 10MFAN mouthpiece called The Classic just got ranked number three amongst all the saxophone gear put out in 2018, by the online giant THESAXOPHONIST.ORG and it received the highest ranking for any new mouthpiece for the entire year of reviews. Very proud to have this ranking and this is a mouthpiece for all you guys that love that classic warm, full, and round tenor sound of yesteryear. Truly a breath of fresh … [Read More...]

Ivan Renta showing the big vibrant sound of the 10MFAN tenor mouthpiece masterpiece— THE ROBUSTO!

The great Ivan Renta playing on his 10MFAN ROBUSTO tenor sax mouthpiece.  Huge, vibrant sound from the master!   This video was just released so I wanted you all to hear it. Enjoy!!     https://youtu.be/r8g5xrqZR9Y … [Read More...]

10MFAN Robusto tenor mouthpiece. Considered by many to be THE ONE!

5 years after designing this masterpiece, sales continue to grow by leaps and bounds on all of my mouthpiece models, but the Robusto in particular, has been something very special since day 1. Players are experiencing what original mouthpiece designs are all about here at 10mfan saxophone mouthpieces, and the Robusto continues to put smiles on players faces worldwide because of its flexibility and versatility with … [Read More...]

THE 10MFAN ***NEW*** Showtime tenor in action: Doug Lawrence, Ben Wendel, David Strong

The beast is out and being enjoyed by players all over the world now! The Classic model is warm and even, and for you guys that want that but with a punchier, and more popping sound, welcome the Showtime! Here are a few clips showing some of its versatility. Doug Lawrence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Snz0BObjBSc Ben Wendel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXzqZShOvZg David Strong showing The Showtimes warm … [Read More...]

Steve Neff’s stellar reviews: 10MFAN Daddy-O + Showboat alto mouthpieces

10MFAN Daddy-O and Showboat stellar alto mouthpiece reviews by Steve Neff:     http://www.neffmusic.com/blog/2018/08/10mfan-daddy-o-alto-saxophone-mouthpiece-review/#   http://www.neffmusic.com/blog/2018/06/10mfan-showboat-alto-saxophone-mouthpiece-review/   All the info about the mouthpieces including pictures, descriptions, audios, and videos are right here at my … [Read More...]

Jay Thomas loving the 10MFAN Daddy-O alto mouthpiece

THE VINTAGE MEYER ALTO MOUTHPIECE  SLAYER....FINALLY. Tired of all the Meyer Bros copies in the marketplace? Still chasing that vibe and coming up empty time after time? You know, you're getting basically the same thing from dozens  and dozens of  "mouthpiece makers" with their different names on them. What a complete farce! Sure, Meyer made some very good playing alto pieces, but there's no reason to … [Read More...]

The ***NEW*** SHOWTIME hr tenor —-Vintage Early Babbitt Link SLAYER!

My philosophy has always been to make better designs, and this is one of my finest creations. For all you HR Link guys, I have made a modern design original mouthpiece that gets that Link thing and offers way more available power, volume, better altissimo, better tuning, clearer articulation, with all that richness and body....HERE IT IS! The long-awaited 10mfan “Showtime” hard rubber tenor mouthpiece.  This … [Read More...]