David Strong showing the sounds of The Classic, Showtime, and Black Widow mouthpieces

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Ivan Renta showing the big vibrant sound of the 10MFAN tenor masterpiece— THE ROBUSTO!

The great Ivan Renta playing on his 10MFAN ROBUSTO tenor sax mouthpiece.  Huge, vibrant sound from the master!   This video was just released so I wanted you all to hear it. Enjoy!!     https://youtu.be/r8g5xrqZR9Y … [Read More...]

10MFAN Robusto tenor mouthpiece. Considered by many to be THE ONE!

5 years after designing this masterpiece, sales continue to grow by leaps and bounds on all of my mouthpiece models, but the Robusto in particular, has been something very special since day 1. Players are experiencing what original mouthpiece designs are all about here at 10mfan saxophone mouthpieces, and the Robusto continues to put smiles on players faces worldwide because of its flexibility and versatility with … [Read More...]

THE 10MFAN ***NEW*** Showtime tenor in action: Doug Lawrence, Ben Wendel, Tim Lin

The beast is out and being enjoyed by players all over the world now!   Here are a couple clips showing some of its versatility.     Doug Lawrence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Snz0BObjBSc   Ben Wendel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXzqZShOvZg   Tim Lin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0w63RRzAiI … [Read More...]

Steve Neff’s stellar reviews: 10MFAN Daddy-O + Showboat alto mouthpieces

10MFAN Daddy-O and Showboat stellar alto mouthpiece reviews by Steve Neff:     http://www.neffmusic.com/blog/2018/08/10mfan-daddy-o-alto-saxophone-mouthpiece-review/#   http://www.neffmusic.com/blog/2018/06/10mfan-showboat-alto-saxophone-mouthpiece-review/   All the info about the mouthpieces including pictures, descriptions, audios, and videos are right here at my … [Read More...]

Jay Thomas switches to the 10MFAN Daddy-O alto mouthpiece

THE VINTAGE MEYER ALTO MOUTHPIECE  SLAYER....FINALLY. Tired of all the Meyer Bros copies in the marketplace? Still chasing that vibe and coming up empty time after time? You know, you're getting basically the same thing from dozens  and dozens of  "mouthpiece makers" with their different names on them. What a complete farce! Sure, Meyer made some very good playing alto pieces, but there's no reason to chase that … [Read More...]

The ***NEW*** SHOWTIME hr tenor —-Vintage Link SLAYER!

Everyone is looking for a modern hard rubber tenor mouthpiece that gets that Slant and Early Babbitt vibe. My philosophy has always been to make better designs, and this may very well be my finest creation. For all you HR Link guys, I have made a modern design original mouthpiece that gets that Link thing and offers way more available power, volume, better altissimo, better tuning, clearer articulation, with all … [Read More...]

The 10MFAN DADDY-O alto mouthpiece–making a VERY serious statement!

30+ years selling the finest vintage mouthpieces out there, and I can tell you that my original design 10MFAN DADDY-O and SHOWBOAT altos are the 2 finest hard rubber alto mouthpieces I have ever played...PERIOD.     Here are 4 examples of my Daddy-O mouthpiece showing you the flexibility and versatility of one mouthpiece by one player, using the same reed. DADDY-O solo sax showing the warmer … [Read More...]

Robert Anchipolovsky “LOVER MAN” on his 10MFAN Showboat alto :

My friend Robert Anchipolovsky on his 10MFAN Showboat alto mouthpiece:   Here, Robert is showing the gorgeous Phil Woods vibe I was going for with this mouthpiece. He is playing over the beautiful ballad, "Lover Man". You can order right here from my website. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/Nqg_IRPZhzk     … [Read More...]

The 10MFAN “Daddy-O” alto mouthpiece

My 1st Category alto mouthpiece is finished, and it's incredible. Category 1: Full, warm, and colorful sounding mouthpiece category. Built to outplay the classic Meyer Bros medium chamber alto mouthpieces! Think Cannonball here! “Daddy-O” alto mouthpiece:  This is warm, open, and incredibly even blowing top to bottom with a big full sound, without sacrificing the power needed to play lead alto. The warmer of my … [Read More...]

The 10MFAN “Showboat” alto- The alto sax mouthpiece legacy has begun

10MFAN "Showboat" alto sax mouthpiece - The 10MFAN alto sax mouthpiece legacy has begun!     The best way I can describe this mouthpiece is:  Its a medium chamber, medium height step baffle with straight side walls. It has the body and great intonation of a well made medium chamber mouthpiece, and the punch, brights,  and sparkle of a small chamber mouthpiece. Such a fantastic combination. The … [Read More...]

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