Ron Coelho from RPC Mouthpieces has passed away.

My heartfelt condolences go out to Rons family. Ron and I go back a couple of decades. I am so saddened by this news and I wanted to put up a post, and just say thank you for all the great memories. … [Read more...]

Orange Ultem hand finished 10MFAN mouthpieces offered all year round now. All of my models and sizes are available.

Due to the huge success that these pieces have had for the last five months, I am making these Ultem mouthpieces available all year round, They will soon be able to be ordered directly from my website late January. I want to thank my friend Ron … [Read more...]

10MFAN Mouthpieces: Brand new craftsman, all new facing curves, full Generation ll mouthpiece updates, metal models, and lower pricing… a HUGE success!

The first big change I made with my 10MFAN mouthpieces this year, was changing my craftsman. Eric Falcon no longer works on my mouthpiece line. The next big change was getting a world-class … [Read more...]

Robert Anchipolovsky showing the gentle side of the new 10MFAN Generation ll Showboat alto mouthpiece … [Read more...]

10MFAN —The year of giving back. New lower pricing all year round!

Hi guys, the last sale I offered was my most successful sale ever, and it has made me think about what’s most important and most meaningful to me. I just celebrated my 6th year anniversary making my 10MFAN mouthpiece line, and it’s made me want to … [Read more...]

Jamie O’Donnell on his 10mfan Daddy-O alto 5 mouthpiece

Jamie is a wonderful player living in the UK, and he is absolutely loving this mouthpiece. He has been on a vintage Meyer alto mpc forever, and he tells me he is so excited about what my Daddy-O is allowing him to do. Vibrant sound, better altissimo, … [Read more...]

Robert Anchipolovsky ripping apart Cherokee on his 10MFAN Daddy-O alto mouthpiece

It gets no better than this. I am so thrilled my friend Robert is enjoying this mouthpiece so much. There are a lot more videos of him on the website showing how this great mouthpiece sounds. No microphone, no gimmicks. … [Read more...]

10MFAN Mouthpieces: Innovation over imitation!

If you look out in the marketplace, all you see are loads and loads of copies of vintage mouthpieces. You see "replicas" and "tweaked" up versions of the same exact models of Otto Links, Meyers, Berg Larsens, Guardalas, Selmers, Dukoffs, and the list … [Read more...]

10MFAN Robusto tenor mouthpiece. Considered by many to be THE ONE!

5 years after designing this masterpiece, sales continue to grow by leaps and bounds on all of my mouthpiece models, but the Robusto in particular, has been something very special since day 1. Players are experiencing what original mouthpiece designs … [Read more...]