I am offering a handful of LIMITED EDITION 10MFAN tenor mouthpieces in red marble hard rubber

I will offer these in a limited run, so grab the model in the size that you want. Just contact me through my website and I will be glad to take your order. These will be $550 with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! All the best, Mark … [Read more...]

Robert Anchipolovsky ripping apart Cherokee on his 10MFAN Daddy-O alto mouthpiece

It gets no better than this. I am so thrilled my friend Robert is enjoying this mouthpiece so much. There are a lot more videos of him on the website showing how this great mouthpiece sounds. No microphone, no gimmicks. … [Read more...]


All of my mouthpieces are at the show this week, including some of my BRAND NEW LIMITED EDITION GERMAN BAR STOCK RED MARBLE HAND FINISHED GEMS! I am offering a LIMITED EDITION red marble hard rubber mouthpieces and right now I have these Black … [Read more...]

10MFAN Mouthpieces: Innovation over imitation!

If you look out in the marketplace, all you see are loads and loads of copies of vintage mouthpieces. You see "replicas" and "tweaked" up versions of the same exact models of Otto Links, Meyers, Berg Larsens, Guardalas, Selmers, Dukoffs, and the list … [Read more...]

10MFAN Robusto tenor mouthpiece. Considered by many to be THE ONE!

5 years after designing this masterpiece, sales continue to grow by leaps and bounds on all of my mouthpiece models, but the Robusto in particular, has been something very special since day 1. Players are experiencing what original mouthpiece designs … [Read more...]