Orange Ultem hand finished 10MFAN mouthpieces offered all year round now. All of my models and sizes are available.

Due to the huge success that these pieces have had for the last five months, I am making these Ultem mouthpieces available all year round, They will soon be able to be ordered directly from my website late January.
I want to thank my friend Ron Coehlo for trying out this material many years ago. He really found a great resonant material for mouthpieces, and I encourage all of you to check out his RPC mouthpiece line. Ron makes beautiful pieces! I’m happy to be using this material now because it really is outstanding.

The hand finished, semi transparent orange alto mouthpieces are only $350 each and the tenors are $375 each just like their hard rubber counterparts, and we are making all of the sizes we offer available for this Ultem.

Come mid January, you will be able to order directly off the website. Until then, contact me at my email.

My email is:

All the best, Mark