****BRAND NEW**** 10MFAN alto mouthpiece “Daddy-O” —pre-orders starting June 20th!!!!

My 1st Category alto mouthpiece is finished, and it’s incredible. We will be cutting the first pieces the end of the week. Get your pre-order in by contacting me at: connsaxman@comcast.net

Cannonball was on my mind here, so I’ve named it, “Daddy-O”, for his song “One For Daddy-O” off the killer “Somthing Else” album. . .

The Cat 1 and Cat 2 alto pieces are remarkable players….I couldn’t be more pleased. Please be patient for audios…those will come once the pieces get made and are sent out. You will be bugging me to STOP posting audios once I get them. LOL

My Cat 1 piece (Daddy-O), is warm, full, open and not designed to get the brights or edge that the Cat 2 piece can get.
My Cat 2 piece (The Showboat), is my truly great all-around mouthpiece. It can be warm, brighter, punchy, and has that extra lead alto punch and zing ala Phil Woods.
My Cat 3 piece will be the brighter powerhouse/screamer player.

I will offer the 3 categories like I do with my tenor mouthpieces.

This mouthpiece is a complete joy to play. Nothing to do with a Meyer design, and I am proud of that. People will ask what it sounds like, and my answer is, it sounds like what I envisioned my 1st Category alto mouthpiece to sound like and play. The feel, the sound…the whole experience.
You can get great sounds and more flexibility and versatility from my ORIGINAL DESIGNS, and thats what I offer here. Fresh options for todays players. I use German bar stock hard rubber and every mouthpiece is hand finished by Eric Falcon.

Eric Falcon has many prized Meyer Bros altos at his home. He told me that both of my alto mouthpieces outplay his Meyer Bros pieces. So much so, that he has made the switch to my Showboat alto for his main alto mouthpiece, for that extra punch and fullness he loves.
This is how he described the differences between his Meyer Bros and my new 1st category mouthpiece:
“ The category 1 mouthpiece has a more balanced harmonic profile and is more efficient. Timbre is more consistent from loud to soft”.

Simplified; this piece has straight sidewalls, a longer lower baffle, and a medium chamber. It was designed to be able to be played warm and full, with excellent power and great altissimo. It will stay in that warm zone for you top to bottom. This piece has a 40 length facing curve and will be enjoyed by guys that dig the classic resistance feel. If you dig Meyers, Brilharts, Selmers, etc…, this will really impress you.

5 = .072
6 = .078
7 = .083
8 = .090

I can offer a custom 4 tip or 9 tip opening at no extra charge.

Pieces will start to get cut next week and Eric will start hand finishing the first group next weekend.

Get on the order list now for $385 plus shipping, by emailing me at: connsaxman@comcast.net


  1. salvatore gargano says:

    When are you coming out with the Cat 3?

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