10MFAN Mouthpieces: Brand new craftsman, all new facing curves, full Generation ll mouthpiece updates, metal models, and lower pricing… a HUGE success!

The first big change I made with my 10MFAN mouthpieces this year, was changing my craftsman. Eric Falcon no longer works on my mouthpiece line. The next big change was getting a world-class craftsman to work with me to nail down all the changes I wanted to make to each of my mouthpieces models.
I have made all the necessary changes to make these the absolute finest mouthpieces in the marketplace, in my opinion. It gets no better than this. No more ultra thin side rails or tip rails, and the facing curves are phenomenal now. We are under cutting the tables to make the playability it’s absolute best and the chambers have been adjusted. VERY player friendly. When the changes were perfect for me, I immediately introduced the new pieces, which have become my newly updated Generation ll mouthpiece line. The feedback since then has been incredible! All of my new black hard rubber Generation ll mouthpieces have gold paint, and have USA stamped on the side. The playing experience has been transformed with these great designs, and I am as proud as I could possibly be with all of the changes we have made here this past year with my 10MFAN Mouthpiece Company. The work being done now has put these mouthpieces at their absolute peak. The feedback I am getting from players all over the world has been absolutely stellar. The changes people have asked for have been applied, and everyone is in agreement that the mouthpieces are at a whole new level. All of the hard work has really paid off, and the mouthpieces could not play or look any better than they do right now. This craftsman I am using is a true mouthpiece genius and has transformed my mouthpieces into works of perfection!  He is someone you all know and respect greatly, and he has asked to remain anonymous for now. You will understand at a later date. All I will say, is that my mouthpieces are in great hands!

I value my clients tremendously and aside from my family, my 10MFAN mouthpiece line means more to me than anything. Listening to the great customer feedback I have received, has allowed me to make these changes needed to put the mouthpieces at their apex. I am truly grateful for this.

The new Generation ll changes have been made to ALL of my my 10MFAN tenor and alto mouthpieces. Thank you for all the great feedback! Players all over the world love the new Generation ll 10MFAN pieces. Changing who does the work on my mouthpieces, along with the physical changes, has made the experience as incredible as it can possibly be.

Facing curves play an integral part in how the player feels about the mouthpiece and the sound. I have listened to feedback and understand that there are many players that wanted different facing curves than what we were doing with Eric Falcon when he was working on my mouthpieces. Now that he is no longer with me, I have discovered through experimenting with new facing curve options with my new craftsman, that I can use more standard facing curves and allow the designs of my original mouthpieces, to do what they were designed to do, without using the curves like we used before. The pieces blow full and clear with the right amount of resistance and freedom for me now, with all my different mouthpiece models. The entire curves have changed from where we had them before, and this allows for what I would consider to be the most optimal playing experience possible. Great low end, mids, and high end. In other words, a greater balance of the frequencies. The core sound is centered more than ever before, and the pieces play so even top to bottom. The parameters of the sound are tighter, which makes the core sounds huge. The Generation ll pieces play incredibly dialed in. This has changed everything!

By the time you read this, the new changes have already been implemented with my new craftsman for ALL of my updated Generation ll mouthpiece models.

The side rails and tip rail widths have also changed for you: The side rails and tip rails are no longer super thin like we used to have them. They are the width needed to allow players a better experience. Tip rails are wider than before for more flexibility in lining up their reeds, without having to be so precise with the reed placement. The wider tip rail also eliminates any extra buzz in the sound. All this, while keeping the articulation clean… like you expect from my 10MFAN mouthpiece line.

NEW CRAFTSMAN AND NEW FACINGS DESERVE A NEW DISTINGUISHABLE LOOK: The way to differentiate my new pieces from my old pieces, is that all of the new ones will be painted with gold paint, not the white, they all have U.S.A. engraved on the side, and have a different tip number stamp and star stamp being used. Check out the gorgeous picture below.

10MFAN METAL MOUTHPIECES: Something else that I am very happy to announce, is that my new 10MFAN metal tenor mouthpieces will be out with the first 2 models in December. We are starting with my Black Widow model and Robusto models. I will also introduce my Classic and Showtime models in metal in the Spring. The same craftsman doing my hard rubber pieces will also be doing my metals. I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS.

The new changes for my new metal tenors: For my new metal line, we are making the bodies thinner and lighter than before. These will fit tons of ligatures, and make players very happy. I am looking to use a body size similar to the old Link metals. I find them comfortable, not too thin, and not too wide. The beaks are also so comfortable on my new metals, and better for me than beaks on the Link metals. The Guardala body size is a little thin for my tastes. Its all about constantly improving what you do. When you stop listening and stop being open to changes, that’s when you stop improving! The facing curves, the tip rails, the resistance, and feel of the pieces, are different from where they were. This is very exciting for me as a player, and for a whole new generation of 10MFAN fans.

Thanks for your support, as always. My goal is to make the finest mouthpieces in the saxophone world, and your suggestions have truly helped change my mouthpieces forever.

All the best, Mark