10MFAN —The year of giving back. New lower pricing all year round!

Hi guys, the last sale I offered was my most successful sale ever, and it has made me think about what’s most important and most meaningful to me. I just celebrated my 6th year anniversary making my 10MFAN mouthpiece line, and it’s made me want to give back all year round.

In a move never seen in the mouthpiece world, I’m taking the finest original design hard rubber alto and tenor mouthpieces in the marketplace, to the next level. I have a new world-class craftsman doing all of the incredible hand work on my 10MFAN mouthpieces for me, and everything has been enhanced to the highest level possible with my new Generation ll mouthpieces.

Some of the changes made: I are no longer using Eric Falcon. I am no longer using super thin side rails or tip rails. The facing curves have all been adjusted so that the pieces are absolutely at their peak. The curves have changed dramatically for all the models in all the tip openings, and this has made the playing experience off the charts for players! These changes have made the pieces play smoother without any buzz in the sound, and incredibly even top to bottom. Each model is locked in now because of the changes made, so when you blow as hard as you want, the parameters of the sound are tighter and won’t let the pieces get wild or loose feeling. These changes also make the mouthpieces play incredibly in tune, no matter what volume level you are playing at.

As a major part of my living aside from being a player and an educator, I have sold the best vintage mouthpieces and modern mouthpieces in the marketplace for 35 years. I can honestly tell you that there is nothing out there that I feel even compares to what I am putting out. I say this with great pride because of all the incredibly hard work and efforts that have been made to make these original designs something incredibly special and unique in the marketplace. While everyone else seems to be making “tweaked up” or copy versions of vintage mouthpieces, my goal has always been to make pieces that play better and offer much more versatility and flexibility.

Because my 10MFAN mouthpieces are at their absolute peak, I have decided to do something in the marketplace that’s never done….. I would like to give back to everyone because of the worldwide success, so I will be lowering my prices for my hard rubber mouthpieces so that even more players can enjoy the experience. I would rather sell more hard rubber mouthpieces at a lower price and get more players playing these, than ask high the high prices like I see from other mouthpiece makers. Some of the prices I find absolutely ridiculous, because I know the truth. Metals are more costly to make so that’s why you will see higher prices on those pieces.

I know first hand how much it costs to make world-class hard rubber mouthpieces, so don’t be fooled by thinking that the higher-priced ones are better because of their pricing. They are not.

Thank you to all the friends I have made with my mouthpiece line, and I look forward to many more as the years go on. Enjoy my new pricing and I hope to see one of my mouthpieces on your saxophones in the near future.



Best wishes to all of you, Mark Sepinuck