Hand finished German bar stock hard rubber alto mouthpieces


There are 3 alto models to choose from: Showboat, Daddy-O, and a 3rd model being released late August

These are thoughtfully and carefully broken up into 3 categories to make your mouthpiece choices easy. This has been my vision to finally make mouthpieces choices easy and clear for players. This set up is unlike any other mouthpiece makers website out there.  Its so simple.

Category 1: Rich and colorful low end with a clear and well defined mid and high frequency set. Full, classic, and colorful sounding in the style of Cannonball Adderley. Great lead alto mouthpiece with less brights than the Showboat alto has available.  More of a classic alto sound from the big band to the blue Note era. Built to outplay the classic Meyer Bros medium chamber alto mouthpieces. This is a beautiful mouthpiece that encaptures the classics from Paul Desmond to Bird to Cannonball!

“Daddy-O” alto mouthpiece: Highly versatile alto mouthpiece that on one hand will be the best  lead alto mouthpiece you’ve ever played, but can also be a sweet, warm, and colorful sound when with the power necessary to lead a modern big band section. This has the richest palette of my alto pieces, that makes it the most versatile and classic sounding. Most people associate dark with stuffy– and that’s not what an alto mouthpiece should sound like to me. It should sing and ring, whether it’s warm or brighter! The Daddy-O has a really clean, classic alto sound with lots of power available. This is incredibly even blowing top to bottom with a full sound, without sacrificing the power needed to play lead alto! You can get all the classic alto vibes from this piece, and if you need more aggressive, go with the Showboat model.  Think Desmond, Bird, Stitt, Hodges, Art Pepper, Lou Donaldson, Cannonball vibes with this Daddy-O.

A killer alto mouthpieces with a harmonic richness not found in more traditional designs.  You can play as quiet as you want and as loud as you want and I designed it so it would not be as bright or punchy as the Showboat model can get, but still have more power available than most straight ahead alto players have experienced.  For me, it’s so much more fun and exciting to play than any vintage Meyer Bros  and all the Category 1 vintage mouthpieces. This includes Brilhart, Selmer, Meyer, Otto Link, etc…), while keeping the tradition and classic alto sound associated with those pieces. Much more going on with the Daddy-O model!

Aren’t you tired of seeing vintage copy rip offs of the same models from every mouthpiece maker out there? I can tell you as a pro player and mouthpiece dealer for over three decades, that its an absolute must, to have original and fresh designs to choose from. This alto piece has a medium facing curve for the player that digs a classic feeling type of blow, but this has more freedom in it. It has straight side walls, and a very long and lower baffle. There isn’t an alto mouthpiece in existence that looks like this. I am very proud of my designs. Very classic sound here with a classic feel, offering players way more flexibility and versatility than the vintage mouthpieces in this same category. Eric Falcon who hand finishes every one of my mouthpieces, says this beats up on his original Meyer Bros too, and he got himself one of these Daddy-O’s right away.


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Category 2:  All-around category that combines warmth, power, punch, and has a medium brightness.  

“The Showboat”  mouthpiece:  Incredible lead alto mouthpiece with punch, power, medium brights, and a free blowing experience. Think Phil Woods here!

Such a fantastic lead alto mouthpiece sound! Big, powerful sound that can be punchy or classic and can be used from anything from straight ahead to contemporary. More punch and highs available in the Showboat than in the Daddy-O model. The Showboat has a longer facing curve than the Daddy-O model so it’s  free blowing for the player who wants that brilliance up high when pushed. If you get yours and its a little bright, just get yourself some warmer reed brands to dial in the sound color that you want. This has a medium height, med-long baffle and straight side walls. Its got all the volume anyone would ever need, but can also be played to a whisper. The sound is thick and full throughout. Think Phil Woods here! More aggressive than the Daddy-O model, by design


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Category 3:  Powerhouse/screamer category

Powerhouse mouthpiece that is bright and screaming for the player who wants to really rip it.

This mouthpiece will be out late August, 2018 





REEDS: A few reed selections for alto, based on my own personal experiences below.

Blue box Vandoren/D’addario Reserve sound the warmest to me

Rico Royal sound warm to me

Hemke sound warm for me but are freer blowing than the Rico Royals

LaVoz is warm and has more buzz to the sound for me

Select Jazz is medium and play great for me

Rigottis are bright