The 10MFAN “Showboat” alto- The alto sax mouthpiece legacy has begun

10MFAN “Showboat” alto sax mouthpiece – The 10MFAN alto sax mouthpiece legacy has begun!

The best way I can describe this mouthpiece is:  Its a medium chamber, medium height step baffle with straight side walls. It has the body and great intonation of a well made medium chamber mouthpiece, and the punch, brights,  and sparkle of a small chamber mouthpiece. Such a fantastic combination. The perfect lead alto mouthpiece that can be used for jazz or the more ripping stuff. This to me is the perfect “all-around” mouthpiece that can do it all from straight ahead, bop, hard bop, R&B, smooth jazz—you name it!

This is the first 10MFAN alto model I will introduce and it is the one that I am personally using. Its called THE SHOWBOAT, as a tribute to my alto hero, Mr. Phil Woods. Most of you know his album, “Live from the Showboat”, and its simply stellar. If you haven’t checked it out, you MUST! Cheek to Cheek—ridiculous!

THE SHOWBOAT is a complete joy to play. Nothing at all to do with a Meyer design, and I am proud of that. People will ask what it sounds like, and my answer is, it sounds just like what I envisioned my personal alto mouthpiece to sound like and play. The feel, the sound, the flexibility…everything. Full, powerful, clear, and strong.

I will offer the 3 categories like my tenor mouthpieces, and this one is the all-around, powerful 2nd alto Category mouthpiece.

The 1st Category (warm and open blowing piece), and the 3rd Category (powerhouse screamer), will be released within 2 months after this one.
Wait for the announcement on those. An additional offering for the categories in a rollover style piece, will come at some point.

If you like a small chamber mouthpiece because it has a lot of pop,  power, and brights, but hate that it doesn’t have a full bodied sound and it gets too thin—you will love my medium chamber Showboat! If your medium chamber mouthpiece has a lot of body and presence, but not nearly enough power, brights,  and zing available, you will love the Showboat!

You can get great sounds and more flexibility and versatility from my ORIGINAL DESIGNS, and thats what I offer here. Fresh options for todays players.
We use German bar stock hard rubber and every mouthpiece is hand finished one at a time.

It was designed to be able to be played warm, full, brighter, edgier, and also punchy and powerful. Its truly a phenomenal player and FINALLY, I have an alto mouthpiece I enjoy 100%.


How great a player is it??? Eric Falcon who hand finishes all of my 10MFAN mouthpiece, told me he needs one for himself because it absolutely kills. He said this alto Showboat and my new 2nd Category tenor piece called Showtime, are absolutely superb, and he needs both.

5 = .072                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           6 = .078
7 = .083
8 = .090                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       We can make a custom 4 tip or 9 tip opening if you’d like one, at no extra charge.