THE 10MFAN ***NEW*** Showtime tenor in action: Doug Lawrence, Ben Wendel, Tim Lin

The beast is out and being enjoyed by players all over the world now!


Here are a couple clips showing some of its versatility.



Doug Lawrence


Ben Wendel


Tim Lin


  1. John Blevins says:

    Would you happen to know what brand and size reeds David Mann uses? I am so impressed with his sound on the Robusto and Funky (the transcription I sent you). Long shot but just checking. Man, I am really digging your Daddy-O alto mp! It is more versatile than I thought it would be. I play in a concert band as well as big band and it works well in both situations. Thanks, Mark, for putting it out there.

    • Mark Sepinuck says:

      Hello my friend!
      David sounds wonderful and I believe he was using the Roberto’s reeds size 2 1/2 hard I’m so glad you are digging the alto mouthpiece and the Robusto for me is a masterpiece. Such an enjoyable mouthpiece! All the best, Mark

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