A few great resources for saxophone players

As I sit back and think about what a nice life Ive had in music, I thought this would be a good time to post about a few outstanding resources for saxophone players out there.

If you are looking for a saxophone, or any gear related stuff, I recommend 4 dealers very much. Each offers a lot at their websites, and it’s always a 1st class experience. Please when you have a moment, check out my friends at Saxquest, Tenor Madness, Saxoasis, and Getasax. I have had personal experiences with all of them, and I am putting up this post, so others can too.

Here are the links:






If you are a saxophone player and want skype lessons, I highly recommend my friends Steve Neff , Greg Fishman, and Tim Price. They are fantastic people and wonderful players with the love and passion to teach and share. Steve’s website is an ongoing inspiration for players looking to hear how tons of different mouthpiece makers mouthpieces sound, and so much more. He also has excellent books and cd’s out to help make you a better player. Greg is a seasoned pro and has been offering transcription books, play-along series books, and so much educational stuff for years and years. Tim is what I call the coolest of the cool. He has the most hip and beautiful way of writing and expressing himself, and he is an amazing resource for information, history, and so much more. His lessons are loved by all who take from him, and he is what I refer to as THE REAL DEAL!


Steve can be reached at:  Neffmusic

Greg can be reached at: Gregfishman

Tim can be reached at: tep251sax@aol.com