Eric Spaulding and Greg Hawkins enjoying their Black Widow’s

Eric Spaulding and Greg Hawkins giving you a taste of what their 10MFAN Black Widow tenor saxophone mouthpieces can do.

This is my “cross-over’ mouthpiece that bridges the gap between a killer hard rubber tenor saxophone mouthpiece that can be used for jazz settings, and one needed for more authentic sounding funk, blues, pop, smooth jazz, R&B, etc. A mouthpiece that can truly be used for any setting and sound right in all of those settings. This is a medium height long baffle that was designed to do so much more than the high baffle pieces do in a gentle setting, and all the stuff they can do in a louder setting. Typically higher baffle pieces get thin and too buzzy for most guys when they want to use them in more jazz surroundings. They work great for the loud stuff, but not so great when played gentler. This medium height longer baffle takes care of all of this so you have the best of both worlds. A piece that can be lush and full for the jazz stuff, and a powerhouse player for the louder stuff when you need to let loose. You can hear that in these recordings…. Enjoy!!!!


Eric Spaulding showing the immense flexibility and versatility from soft jazz to Lenny Pickett:



Greg Hawkins showing the BW’s more Smooth jazz/Gospel gentler side, playing the gorgeous song, Hallelujah:



Greg Hawkins this time showing the BW’s more  powerhouse side right out of the gate, on this Doobie Brothers classic!