Introducing the OVAL chamber mouthpiece masterpiece: “The Classic”. Sam Skelton and Ben Wendel

Hi guys!

Well, we are very excited to finally introduce the design that tenor saxophone players have been asking me to come out with for several years. Sorry for the delay….it takes time to make mouthpiece magic.

This hard rubber tenor saxophone mouthpiece is called The Classic. It is an incredibly unique original design that features a higher floor, a short baffle, extremely scooped out sidewalls, and an oval chamber. The mouthpiece is incredibly comfortable to play as we took a lot of time prototyping a beak that would feel great and allow for the warmth I wanted for this mouthpiece. Now that you’ve heard about the design, lets talk about the sound!

Players have asked for a tenor saxophone mouthpiece that has a big, focussed, warm, round, and even sound top to bottom—but with lots of volume available, and great altissimo. A piece thats rich sounding with great depth and a fat core. Its a pleasure for the player to play as it feels great in the mouth, and the response has the right amount of resistance to it, for me. The player hears the sound right in front of them, (as its a focussed sound), but with the right amount of width so the player hears it great while playing.

The wonderful thing about all of my mouthpieces, is that there is immense flexibility and versatility with simple reed choices. They are like a blank canvas that allows player to player to get their own sound, and they don’t make everyone sound the same on the same model.


Here are 2 great examples showing two different sides of what this mouthpiece can do. Great versatility.

First we have Sam Skelton live, showing the warm, full, and powerful side of The Classic.



Now we have Ben Wendel showing the vibrant, brighter, punchier, powerful  side of The Classic.