Jay Thomas loving the 10MFAN Daddy-O alto mouthpiece


Tired of all the Meyer Bros copies in the marketplace? Still chasing that vibe and coming up empty time after time? You know, you’re getting basically the same thing from dozens  and dozens of  “mouthpiece makers” with their different names on them. What a complete farce! Sure, Meyer made some very good playing alto pieces, but there’s no reason to chase that anymore. Prices are absolutely absurd, and you’re lucky to find one that plays like you are hoping it will. Even then, you may be disappointed.

Here at 10MFAN Saxophone Mouthpieces, I’m all about making original designs that outplay the same category vintage pieces and all their copies in the marketplace.   We use the finest German bar stock hard rubber made, and each piece is hand finished one at a time, so they play perfectly, by the great Eric Falcon. Every piece is a stellar player.

Here is Jay Thomas enjoying his 10mfan Daddy-O alto mouthpiece in a 6 tip opening. He was playing a vintage Meyer bros alto before this. He is using a vintage Conn alto and a Red box Java reed.

Bye bye to those days of alto players looking at the expensive Meyers as the top of the alto list.  This Daddy-O model, and my Showboat model simply outplay them for me, and are more fun to play, and  more versatile. Robert Anchipolovsky, who is one of the finest alto players in the world, has already made the switch to my Daddy-O alto. He describes it as “perfect”.

No-one gets paid to play or say nice things about my mouthpieces…they use them because they want to. They speak highly of them because thats how they honestly feel. Many players now are making the switch off their Meyers and many different model vintage pieces for my alto mouthpieces. Over 200 sold direct to players in just over 2 months…for good reason.


Jay is having tons of fun with this piece and said he’d be listing some live videos from gigs, as he has them.


Check out the info on this site.