Some Mobley on the Merlot tenor mouthpiece

Here is my friend Ian Tordella showing how wonderful he sounds on the Merlot hard rubber tenor saxophone mouthpiece. He is playing the Mobley penned gem, “Soul Station”. That album to me is glorious on so many accounts. If you haven’t checked it out yet, treat yourself to some jazz magic! The Merlot mouthpiece model has a big, warm, and open sound top to bottom. It also has a nice spread so you can hear it ear to ear when playing. It has loads of volume available when you need it, and excellent altissimo for a low baffle mouthpiece design. These attributes were important for me when designing this model. In fact, with all of my models, I wrote out a list of descriptions first, and then prototyped for a long time to make mouthpieces that matched what I had envisioned and wrote down on paper. Ian is playing in a beautiful duo setting here—–Enjoy!!!