The ***NEW*** SHOWTIME hr tenor —-Vintage Link SLAYER!

Everyone is looking for a modern hard rubber tenor mouthpiece that gets that Slant and Early Babbitt vibe. My philosophy has always been to make better designs, and this may very well be my finest creation.

For all you HR Link guys, I have made a modern design original mouthpiece that gets that Link thing and offers way more available power, volume, better altissimo, better tuning, clearer articulation, with all that richness and body….HERE IT IS!

The long-awaited 10mfan “Showtime” hard rubber tenor mouthpiece
This is the modern answer for players looking for that Otto Link Slant/Early Babbitt type hr piece…but want an original modern design that gets those vibes and plays even better than those vintage pieces! no copy pieces needed, i am only interested in making better original designs!
we have absolutely killed it here.
This piece takes it to a whole new level and outplays the Slant and Early babbitt copy pieces out there.
This is the perfect fit for my 2nd Category focussed mouthpiece. The Robusto is my 2nd Category spread mouthpiece and I now have the perfect piece for a focussed option, like I have with my other categories.
This piece is an incredible all-around mouthpiece that can do it all. Eric Falcon called me when he finished facing the final prototype, and was BLOWN AWAY!
He said he needed one for himself as soon as I could get him him one, because he wants to gig on it. He was floored by how this piece came out and said he actually likes it more than The Robusto.
He said this IS the answer for the modern guys looking for that Otto Link Slant/ Early Babbitt feel and vibe BUT IN A COMPLETELY ORIGINAL DESIGN.
Eric said it gets that old school thing and can go modern, and he said for him, (being a big Brecker fan), that it gets that vintage vibe and for him, it can get that killer early “Brecker on his Link” era sound, which he LOVES.
The sound has so many options…it can be warm, mellow, full-bodied, powerful, brighter, punchier, etc. It just does it all. Incredible altissimo.
Not a Cat 3 piece, but can easily be used for jazz, R&B, funk, etc. Eric says for him, its even more versatile than the Robusto with a little more juice and a freer blow.
Its another INCREDIBLY SPECIAL unique original design, and Eric is putting a special facing curve on this one to fully optimize the design.
This is a real treat, and I am thrilled to finally be able to announce orders starting TODAY!!!
I can start getting orders out in about 3 weeks from when you order.
I will generously offer these at my sale price of $395 through the last day of August, so order yours now and get in on this gem at the lower pricing point.
Starting September 1st, it goes to $450 like my other tenor mpc’s… exceptions.
I am giving you over 3 full weeks to get in at the lower price.
Tim Lin was over Eric Falcons shop the other day, and he got to try the 1st Showtime ever made. He was blown away and told Eric that guys are going to go crazy for this piece!
This is just a quick audio he did for me without even getting to know this mouthpiece at all.
He loves the old Link hr’s and said guys who love the vintage hr Links and want more power, a freer blow, and more brights available as an option, will love this piece so much. It doesn’t force you into anything.
Its another all original design, and I’m glad he felt so positive about this mouthpiece.
Sadly, the mouthpiece world is so over-full of the same vintage mouthpiece copies being released by tons of different makers, with different names on them. (Slants, EB’s, Resos, Floridas, Double Rings, Meyer Bros altos, Soloist sops, Guardalas, Bergs, etc…).
I want more options for my clients in all original designs.
You can read about that and lots of other great stuff at my website:
You can order directly off the website as the price is set at the $395 for the next three weeks.