The Robusto and 1930’s Conn 10M – Dave O’Higgins

I have played my Robusto on every type of saxophone I can  find, and it always sounds wonderful, no matter the set up. Being a Conn 10m fan,  I absolutely love the combination of those horns with my tenor saxophone mouthpieces . I love a lot of the vintage saxophones and the Conns are my favorites. Love the 10m’s, the Chu’s, and the 30m’s. I also have some great vintage Selmer’s here too, that I enjoy immensely.

Dave O’Higgins is one of my absolute favorite players. He is over in the U.K., and is well-loved everywhere he travels. I am forever humbled that he put out a CD on his Robusto. His sound, ideas, and playing always make me smile.

Here’s are 3 wonderful clips of  Dave in his studio on his Conn 10M and hard rubber Robusto saxophone mouthpiece. Fantastic player and person.  Look him up and enjoy his music.

Thank you Dave, for all your great support.

Enjoy the clips below.


Here is Dave playing the classic “Aquarela do Brasil”.   (“Brazil”, as many of us refer to it).


Here is Dave and the band swinging on the old standard, “Close your eyes”


Dave is playing that classic ballad that Dexter made famous on his Conn 10m: “I guess I’ll hang my tears out to dry”.