The Robusto and Selmer Mark VI combo as displayed by David Mann and Roger Manins—heavenly.

Two of the nicest guys and finest players out there…. David Mann and Roger Manins.  Kind, considerate, and humble players and people. Will you sound just like them if you play my Robusto tenor saxophone mouthpiece?….No, of course not—but you will sound like you, and that’s more important!

My 10MFAN saxophone mouthpieces allow players to get their own individual vibe and don’t push you into a sound corner so you sound like others playing on the same pieces.  Individuality is essential. I feel it’s  important to get the right gear for yourself to help you dial in what you want as a player, but nothing replaces practicing. I can help you sound better instantly, but my mouthpieces won’t  get you to be able to play Giant Steps at 300 bpm in all 12 keys! That stuff comes from serious practicing, listening, transcribing, etc…. You can buy a better sound, but you can’t buy “chops in a box”.

Speaking of gear, many players out there love a great playing vintage Selmer saxophone  I personally love the Conns and Selmers the best  of any of the vintage horns. Here are a couple of beautiful examples of the Robusto hard rubber tenor saxophone mouthpiece on vintage Selmer Mark VI tenor saxophones. Hard to argue with these sounds  ?

Listen to these 2 masters, and borrow some of these great ideas from them.



David Mann playing chorus after chorus of the blues. Great organ blues sound:


Roger Manins playing live in a quartet setting. He is showing the sizzle that the Robusto hard rubber mouthpiece can get playing the beautiful theme from M*A*S*H