Pre-orders for the long awaited 10MFAN 2nd Category tenor mpc “Showtime” is starting May 25th

Finally, the second category tenor mouthpiece that will complement the Robusto is finally ready. I will be accepting orders starting May 25th. This is my focussed all-around tenor mouthpiece that has warmth, punch, power, and brights when pushed. … [Read more...]

2018 CT Scanned Vintage Replica Mouthpieces—-Is it really finally going to happen???

I’ve been asked to put out vintage copy pieces for years because of my collection and experience with these pieces for over three decades. I’ve stayed away from it because my heart is really into making original design mouthpieces with my 10MFAN … [Read more...]

The 10MFAN “Super Widow” Category 3 powerhouse mouthpiece is coming out. PRE-ORDERS on June 1st

For my 3rd category powerhouse hard rubber tenor mouthpiece lovers, I will have a new 2nd option for you, coming very soon! The 3rd Category Black Widow mouthpiece has been a super hit so far. A comfortable medium height long baffle piece for the … [Read more...]

Please sign up for the brand new 10MFAN Newsletter

Please sign up for the 10MFAN saxophone mouthpiece Newsletter. This is a great way to stay on top of  the latest 10MFAN saxophone mouthpiece news---and there will be a lot of it over the next year for sure! We are in the midst of putting out 2 new … [Read more...]