My friend Robert Anchipolovsky playing “LOVER MAN” on his 10MFAN Showboat alto mouthpiece:

My friend Robert Anchipolovsky on his 10MFAN Showboat alto mouthpiece:   Here, Robert is showing the gorgeous Phil Woods vibe I was going for with this mouthpiece. He is playing over the beautiful ballad, "Lover Man". You can order right here from my website. Enjoy!     … [Read More...]

The long-awaited 10MFAN SHOWTIME tenor. Pre-orders will start to be taken on July 12th.

Finally, the 2nd category tenor mouthpiece that will complement the Robusto is ready. I will be accepting pre-orders starting July 12th. Sorry for the delay. This is my all-around focussed sounding tenor mouthpiece that has warmth, punch, power, and med-brights when pushed. It can do it all! This is a powerful beast for the straight ahead mouthpiece guy, with a beautiful freedom in the blow and its got tons … [Read More...]

10MFAN Category 1 alto mouthpiece “Daddy-O” —Orders start on June 23rd

My 1st Category alto mouthpiece is finished, and it's incredible. Category 1: Full, warm, and colorful sounding mouthpiece category. Built to outplay the classic Meyer Bros medium chamber alto mouthpieces! Think Cannonball here! “Daddy-O” alto mouthpiece:  This is warm, open, and incredibly even blowing top to bottom with a big full sound, without sacrificing the power needed to play lead alto. The warmer of my … [Read More...]

10MFAN Category 2 alto mouthpiece “Showboat” – The alto sax mouthpiece legacy has begun

10MFAN "Showboat" alto sax mouthpiece - The 10MFAN alto sax mouthpiece legacy has begun!     The best way I can describe this mouthpiece is:  Its a medium chamber, medium height step baffle with straight side walls. It has the body and great intonation of a well made medium chamber mouthpiece, and the punch, brights,  and sparkle of a small chamber mouthpiece. Such a fantastic combination. The … [Read More...]

10MFAN Category 3 tenor “Super Widow” powerhouse mouthpiece coming late August 2018

For my 3rd category powerhouse hard rubber tenor mouthpiece lovers, I will have a new 2nd option for you, late August! The 3rd Category Black Widow mouthpiece has been a super hit so far. A comfortable medium height long baffle piece for the jazz player to use and get more punch and brights with, without it being a high baffle piece. A beautiful "cross-over" piece for the jazz guys to get into more punchy and … [Read More...]

Please sign up for the brand new 10MFAN Newsletter

Please sign up for the 10MFAN saxophone mouthpiece Newsletter. This is a great way to stay on top of  the latest 10MFAN saxophone mouthpiece news---and there will be a lot of it over the next year for sure! We are in the midst of putting out 2 new original  design hard rubber mouthpieces in the next month, 3 new original design hard rubber alto mouthpieces will be out this summer, a less expensive original design … [Read More...]

A few great resources for saxophone players looking for gear, lessons, and more…

As I sit back and think about what a nice life Ive had in music, I thought this would be a good time to post about a few outstanding resources for saxophone players out there. If you are looking for a saxophone, or any gear related stuff, I recommend 4 dealers very much. Each offers a lot at their websites, and it's always a 1st class experience. Please when you have a moment, check out my friends at Saxquest, … [Read More...]

Doug Lawrence swingin’ hard on the 10MFAN Robusto and The Classic

Absolutely one of the coolest guys out there! A phenomenal musician and no one has more great jazz stories to share. Doug is the lead tenor man for the Count Basie Orchestra and his sound is heavenly. Doug and I hit it off right away, as we both share the same great love for Jug and Dex. Doug plays on his Tenor Madness tenor saxophone, and if you haven't checked out Randy Jones and the fantastic work they do there at … [Read More...]

Ray Gelato RIPPING IT on his Robusto -“Handclappin'”

Class, energy, rhythm, soul, and oh..... THAT SOUND!!!!!   One of the classiest gentlemen on the planet. Kind hearted and a powerhouse player who can also melt you with his gentle ballad work. Great singer, songwriter, bandleader,, the list goes on and on! Give him a robusto cigar and his Robusto saxophone mouthpiece, and just sit back and enjoy. One of the giants carrying on that killer tone … [Read More...]

The Robusto and 1930’s Conn 10M – Dave O’Higgins

I have played my Robusto on every type of saxophone I can  find, and it always sounds wonderful, no matter the set up. Being a Conn 10m fan,  I absolutely love the combination of those horns with my tenor saxophone mouthpieces . I love a lot of the vintage saxophones and the Conns are my favorites. Love the 10m's, the Chu's, and the 30m's. I also have some great vintage Selmer's here too, that I enjoy … [Read More...]

Some Mobley on the Merlot tenor mouthpiece

Here is my friend Ian Tordella showing how wonderful he sounds on the Merlot hard rubber tenor saxophone mouthpiece. He is playing the Mobley penned gem, "Soul Station". That album to me is glorious on so many accounts. If you haven't checked it out yet, treat yourself to some jazz magic! The Merlot mouthpiece model has a big, warm, and open sound top to bottom. It also has a nice spread so you can hear it ear to ear … [Read More...]

The Robusto and Selmer Mark VI combo as displayed by David Mann and Roger Manins—heavenly.

Two of the nicest guys and finest players out there.... David Mann and Roger Manins.  Kind, considerate, and humble players and people. Will you sound just like them if you play my Robusto tenor saxophone mouthpiece?....No, of course not---but you will sound like you, and that's more important! My 10MFAN saxophone mouthpieces allow players to get their own individual vibe and don't push you into a sound corner so … [Read More...]